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Meet Ava Korynn!


We are proud to announce our very first “Nice Kid’s Read Nice Books” photo contest winner, Ava Korynn!  Aside from having a unique name, Ava Korynn is a sweetheart who has stolen the hearts of her parents and big sister Kendall.  She’s a joy to be around and loves playing and laughing with friends and family.  Though she is only 13 months old, she’s already engaging in nice behavior by sharing her toys and keeping fussy moments to a minimum.  Ava Korynn, a nice kid to know!  Great job mom and dad!


  • Grace said:

    How cute!

  • Necole Glasker said:

    Beautiful picture Ava’s parents and great job Ava in representing “Nice Kid’s”.

  • admin (author) said:

    Grace and Necole, thanks for your comments! Ava Korynn is really a sweetie pie. Her photo was a perfect way to kick off the contest!

  • Joselyn said:

    I love this idea. Parents love to show off they’re nice (not so nice kids) We’re excited to see Ava K in her shining moment! Kendall wants to submit her photo next, not to be outdone by her little sis.

  • admin (author) said:

    Joselyn, Thanks again for sharing your precious Ava Korynn with us. We can’t wait for big sis to make her debut!