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Spring Break, New and Improved



beach Picture it… my friend and I, on a beach in Somewhere, USA sneaking a margarita while checking out a couple of hot guys, hoping not to be discovered (well, only the margaritas).  Right on cue, a half-naked boy runs up and gets sand all over us, and he’s laughing!  I think, “Where are his parents? This kid is out of control!”.  Then I remember, this kid belongs to me and one of those hot guys I was checking out.  Though I’m sitting next to my best friend from high school, this is certainly different from any kind of spring break from our past.  There are a few similarities, sneaking drinks on the beach and checking out hot guys.  But now,  we don’t finish our drinks or our conversations.  Next to our weakly spiked margaritas are juice boxes, crackers, cheese, and shrimp.   Those hot guys… our husbands, are having an exciting conversation about amortization schedules, interest rates, and taxes.  The only seniors on this private beach are well past needing a parent’s permission to indulge in a “wild” getaway with friends.  My, how times have changed. 

Each morning, we plan our day, which we promise will end with exhausted children and laughing adults.  Of course, the day actually ends with laughing children and deliriously exhausted adults.  How’d that happen?  Gluttons for punishment, we return to the beach, earlier each day.  The kids have sand EVERYWHERE, eyes, hair, you name it… they’ve got sand in, on, or around it.  My daughter announces, “I never want to leave, I want to live on the beach forever!”.  To say the kids are happy is an understatement.  As they argue over their favorite bucket and/or shovel and hide shells from one another, the kids are downright jubilant.  And our husbands couldn’t be more content discussing ways to save and grow our money.  When my friend and I were high school sophomores, I doubt this was the type of spring break that either of us ever imagined, which literally makes me laugh out loud.  We dole out snacks and referee fights over hidden sea shells, as our drinks and conversations continue to be interrupted.  I can’t help but think that this is spring break… new and improved.

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