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Luck of the Greenish


Today is St. Patrick’s Day, so green is everywhere you turn… or is it?  You may be sporting a green ensemble trying to avoid the pain and possible conflict brought on by a barrage of pinching strangers.  You may have even snagged a sitter and are planning a mid-week celebration at a neighborhood pub with a name that starts with “Mc” or an “O”.  However, are you being or seeing green in a way that will last?  Today, while you’re in the moment and indulging in all things Irish, enjoy yourself AND take the time to make one environmentally sound gesture that will truly make you green. Recycle, renew, reuse or reduce. 

Is there a better way to honor the Emerald Isle than to do something that will help preserve our environment?  I’ll be the first to admit that I am no Leo DiCaprio, but I do what I can.  So, if we’re measuring our collective environmental conscience in shades of green, then maybe you’re light green… so light that you’re barely green, greenish if you will.  Even the most overzealous St. Patty’s Day pincher will tell you that light green still counts.

 In the world of crayons, lots of light green equals lots of light green.  Lucky for us, lots of light green or greenish efforts equal lots of benefits, from more money in your pockets to better air to breathe for us all.  For more information on our green efforts, as well as simple ways to go green as a family read a few of my earlier posts, just go to http://bellaflowersbooks.com/?cat=1.

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