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Ready to Rumble


boxing-gloveWhen I first developed Nice to be Nice© and the Bella Flowers Books brand, it was hard to pinpoint my emotions on any given day.  I mostly vacillated between excitement and sheer terror.  Today… not much has changed.  When we sold 3 books in one day, I was excited and proud!  Sure, 3 sales may seem like nothing to you, but to me… every sale feels like appreciation for our work, our vision, and our sacrifices.  Then, there are the days that we sell zero books, and terror comes creeping back, but she doesn’t come alone, she brings along her friend self-doubt.  If I ever had enemies, these two would definitely fit the bill.  As much as I want to run from these emotional bullies, I commit myself to fighting them, day in and day out.  And, every now and then, someone notices and tips their hat at my effort.

Recently, we participated in a campaign to take a stand for sustainable reading.  This campaign was the brainchild of Eco-Libris, an awesome environmental group with whom we’ve partnered to plant a tree for every printed copy of Nice to be Nice.  It was the coolest thing, 100 bloggers, 100 reviews of 100 green books, posted simultaneously at 1:00 in the afternoon, and our book was included!  I know what you’re thinking, but you’re wrong — this is not another shameless plug for the book… unless, it’s working.  But seriously, I stood toe to toe with my intangible foes and allowed my most personal work to date be critiqued.  Tara Robertson of www.Tarasviewonbooks.blogspot.com reviewed our book and called it adorable.  Reading her review brought tears to my eyes, because she got it.  I mean, she really got it.  She doesn’t know me or anyone in the Bella Flowers Books family, but she still got it.  Her review was every bit as validating as a New York Times review, because she’s a mom who loves books, enough said.  Tara was able to single-handedly pinpoint exactly what I felt (and wanted others to feel) when I was developing Nice to be Nice and the Bella Flowers Books brand.  Imagine that!  Now, as I enter the ring to go another round with terror and self-doubt, a few of MY friends have joined me.  Faith, humility, and gratitude are my very own entourage, who would have thunk it? 

To read Tara’s review, go to http://tarasviewonbooks.blogspot.com/2009/11/green-books-campaign-nice-to-be-nice.html.  For more information on Eco-Libris visit www.ecolibris.blogspot.com or www.ecolibris.net.


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