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Did I Mention That I’m Shy?


Shy GirlThat’s right, yours truly… shy.  Ok, maybe the term shy is not the best way to describe an adult.  Besides, it would probably be more accurate to describe my adult self as an introvert with extroverted tendencies.  As a child, I was shy mostly because I was always the new kid and didn’t have a chance to make friendships that would last longer than the school year.  Mix in self-esteem issues, and… well, you know the rest.  I hid my smile most of the time and wouldn’t speak in public until I felt comfortable enough to do so (which was not often).  Fast forward a few decades, and I’ve started my own publishing company with my first title, Nice to be Nice, released into the universe.  Ok, Ok, I’ll get to the point!  My first television interview is scheduled for next week, and I’m FREAKING OUT!

You’re probably asking yourself, “if she’s so shy, why has she chosen a career path that requires her to be in the spotlight?”  There have been many days that I have asked myself the very same question.  All I can say is… this path seems to have chosen me.  For reasons yet to be revealed, I have been blessed with the strange talent for mixing stories and colors in a way that speak to people.  I have an odd obsession with ink and paper quality that seem to compliment my appreciation of all things adorable.  I think about things… a lot, probably too much.  But, my family and friends only indulge my musings for so long, so what else could I do?  I chose the yummiest, eco-friendly paper and ink that I could find to bring my colorful thoughts to life.  Because, that’s what people who describe paper and ink as being yummy do.  Granted, we don’t all create children’s books, but thinking about the world that I want to create for mine and all children is what made this path obvious for me.

But, back to my freaking out… I still haven’t lost my “baby” weight and I’m terrified that all of it will be evident in my cheeks (which are my very obvious weight gain indicators).  For the record, neither of my children are babies anymore, I just feel better giving my extra poundage a society-accepted nickname.  At any rate, my birthday is this weekend and I’m dreaming of white chocolate cake and key lime cupcakes, and of course all the Halloween candy I can steal from my children.  Maybe if I tilt my head, my cheeks won’t look so much like I’m having an allergic reaction.  Don’t laugh, it might work!  One thing I know for sure is that I’m so grateful and feel absolutely humbled by this opportunity that I’ll have to push my baby weight and shyness (or introversion) aside in order to do my very best.  So, if I look like an idiot tilting my head strangely during the interview, just smile and pretend it’s working.  Regardless of how it goes, I guess there will always be a key lime cupcake waiting to comfort me.  Stay tuned for show details!



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