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Our Commitment to the Earth



Once upon a time, when companies were focused on green, you could be sure they were intent on growing their bottom line.  These days, the bottom line is still important, but the social responsibility of preserving the earth’s resources has now provided a greener layer of depth.

Bella Flowers Books is committed to maintaining a reciprocal relationship with the Earth, by only taking what we need and replenishing what we’ve taken.  Our first book, Nice to be Nice©, features many vibrant colors, but green may be the most important shown in our array.  The books are printed using vegetable-based ink on 30% recycled paper, PLUS we’ve planted a tree for every book printed through a partnership with environmental group Eco-Libris. 

As creator and Executive Editor of the Bella Flowers Books imprint, I am certainly proud to offer something rooted in goodness to inspire just that.  Our books are a gift to the universe, as we are so grateful for what we have received.   We hope that you will enjoy our books for many years to come! 

Happy Earth Day!

Tamika Jones Longino

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